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MidnightZone_cover and spread.jpg

Rhyming, lyrical text

"The rhymes are delightful and the illustrations are moody, mysterious, and beautiful. The book teaches facts without sounding like a textbook."

Rich colours

Evocative, watercolour-style illustrations

Hanukkah Cover and spreads.png

Engaging text

"A great way to learn about people who celebrate Hanukkah."

Interactive elements, such as recipes for the readers

Bold, attractive layouts

Creatures_cover and spread.jpg

Hard-working text that includes plenty of facts for young readers

"Stunning illustrations – perfect for little animal lovers."

Illustrations draw the reader in

Sukkot Cover and spread.jpg

Packed with facts

Extra nuggets of information

Full colour images

"Explains this Jewish festival in a way kids will understand."

Tell me more!

Helping children explore new ideas through informative, beautiful, and engaging books.

Tell Me More! Books is an independent publishing company based in London, UK.

We publish non-fiction reference books for children on a wide range of topics, from underwater sea creatures to Jewish holidays.

Our books aim to entertain and inform, and we strive to ensure the text is at once lively, accurate, and full of interesting facts!

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