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Researching and Writing

First Glance Assessment

A quick, expert overview

I will read through your picture book, or the first 2,000 words of your chapter book, and provide honest, concise feedback with my immediate reactions, thoughts and suggestions to help improve your manuscript. I will also suggest next steps.

 £95 (children's books only: picture books or the first 2,000 words)


Developmental Edit

A detailed, big-picture report

This is a thorough edit of your manuscript looking at it as a whole. I will comment on structure and the overall storyline, point out any sections that aren't working and suggest ideas for revisions, and mark up any other ways I think your manuscript could be improved. (This edit does not include a copy edit. See below.)

Picture books £225   |   Chapter books and longer priced per project (children's books only)

Student Paper Writing

Copy Edit

A thorough and detailed edit to perfect your text

I will go through your manuscript line by line and word by word. I will look at language, style and tone (plus rhyme and meter if applicable). I will correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, examine dialogue, highlight repetition, check for sense and logic, and check any facts or statistics. I will tighten up your text and polish it until it shines.

Picture books £185   |   Chapter books and longer priced per project

Fashion Spreads


The final check before going to print

A thorough copy edit will almost always result in a few typos, missing spaces or deleted words. That's why I always recommend a proofread afterwards. I can proofread a manuscript in a Word doc, but even better if the proofread is done once the book has been fully laid out: For picture books, this means when the text and illustrations are in their final positions on the page. For novels, this means post-formatting.

Picture books £100   |   Chapter books and longer priced per project

Checking Text on a Document

Development and Copy Combo

The big-picture developmental plus the small-details copy edit

This full edit of your manuscript will include two rounds: First you will receive my developmental edit along with a preliminary copy edit. Once you are happy with your corrections/revisions, I will carry out a second copy edit to ensure any changes that have been introduced are polished and  in line with the rest of the book.

Picture books £360   |   Chapter books and longer priced per project

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