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After twelve years working in book publishing, I decided to leave my job and go freelance as an editor and children's book author. Under my maiden name, Shari Last, I have written and edited books (and continue to do so) about Star Wars, LEGO, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC and Disney movies.

But I decided to branch out and set up my own small business under my married name, Shari Black. This business is called Little Pop of Colour. I create books and prints (and a few other bits and bobs) to brighten up your day and your home. This started out on Etsy, but I now sell my books on Amazon, too.

I started with what I knew: books and kids. (I have four young sons.) I created some positive journals for children. I call them "positive journals" because they are supposed to help kids seek out and reflect on the best parts of each day. This helps children cultivate a positive mindset, where they can easily flick back through the journal and remember happy things.

I am still thinking up ideas for different planners and journals, because I love being organised – or at least trying to be! Hence the Christmas planner, the freelance planner and the weaning diary. You might also notice an abundance of Friends stuff. This is simply because I am a big fan of Friends and I wanted to create products featuring all the in-jokes that everyone seems to love about the show.

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